Structural Concrete (Class 1)

  • Commercial and public construction
  • Concrete strength equal or greater than 250 + kg/cm2
  • Zones prone to seismic activity
  • Public buildings, hospitals, hotels, apartments, etc.

Conventional Concrete (Class 2)

  • Residential and non-structural uses, such as sidewalks, patios, etc\u200b
  • Concrete strength of 100-250 kg/cm
  • Homes, offices, commercial areas
  • Applications which do not require structural concrete


  • Streets, roadways\u200b
  • Residential pavement\u200b
  • Commercial flooring and parking lots\u200b
  • \u200bHeavy duty logistics centers
  • Ideal in situations with direct contact to solid ground

Mortar (Liquid Concrete)

  • Perfect in cases where access to recesses is difficult
  • Base for pavements and roadways
  • General voids filling, including for pipes
  • Situations that require grading

Customizations and Advanced Engineering\u200b

  • Our team of experienced engineers solve the most complex design challenges
  • Experienced laboratory technicians trained in the best practices of the industry
  • Network of suppliers with specialized raw materials
  • Active participants in industry associations